06.11.2017 |

«Electricity Markets» course in Tomsk Polytechnic University

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Energy Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University will host Electricity Markets course from 6.11.2017 to 10.11.2017. Dr. Ekaterina Moiseeva, who received her Master’s degree from TPU and doctorate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, will give the course.  Dr. Moiseeva is affiliated with TPU and is currently working at Nord Pool, the largest electricity market operator of Europe.

The course covers the basics of electricity markets, answering many of interesting questions: How is the price for electrical energy set? Why do we sometimes have negative prices for electricity? How is the optimal generation mix decided? Who is responsible for optimal costs and who is responsible for reliability in real-world power systems?

The seminars will be given using Plexos – the state-of-the-art software for modeling power systems used by power companies and system operators around the world. Using the software, the students will be building their own models of power systems, studying their technical and economical characteristics.

The course will be given in English.


Monday (06/11)

Tuesday (07/11)

Wednesday (08/11)

Thursday (09/11)

Friday (10/11)










L: Investments in electricity markets (8-221)


L: Game-theoretic concepts (8-345)




S: [Exercises] Deciding optimal investments (8-221)




L: Introduction to Electricity Markets  (8-221)

L: Optimal dispatch (8-221)


L: Exercise of market power (8-217)

S: ITEM game – investment and trading (8-221)


S: [Plexos] Power Systems Modeling (8-221)

S: [Plexos] Spe- cial constraints of generators: hydro power (8-221)


S: [Plexos] Modeling market power in Plexos (8-221)